Our Approach

Innovation in the learning process.

We utilize proven educational research along with high quality resources to build flexible digital curricula. Our student-centered learning approach aims to provide an innovative alternative to the traditional learning process.

  • Preset Sequence.
  • Easily Customized.
  • Adjusts to school's scope and sequence.
  • Schools can add their own assets.
  • Adaptive Learning.
  • Dynamically built sequence per student.


The sequence in which concepts are learned is just as crucial as the concepts themselves. Textbooks provide a suggested sequence of how concepts can be covered. But every school district, school, and even every teacher follow their own sequence when navigating through the curriculum. Our solution allows for customizing the scope and sequence of learning to fit any context.

Standards Compliance

Our solution is built with the latest standards in mind. The learning resources are fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Adaptation and Differentiation

Not all students learn the same way or at the same pace. Our solution provides teachers with the ability to build separate tracks within the same curriculum for certain groups of students (e.g. accelerated track, or honor students). Moreover, our solution adapts to individual students. Based on the student’s assessment, a unique learning path is dynamically generated and continually updated for that student.